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Meet The Program Developer: 

Green Building Services, Inc.
This webinar training series has been developed and will be delivered by Green Building Services, Inc. (GBS). GBS is recognized throughout the United States as a training leader providing design, construction and property management professionals with insights, information, and analysis on high-performance building practices. GBS has LEED Faculty members on staff qualified to provide seven different USGBC-approved LEED Workshops and a multi-disciplinary expert staff that draws from experience on hundreds of green building and LEED projects. GBS Training leverages this breadth and depth of experience to build your organization’s capacity to understand and apply green building.

What Separates this Course from Others?

Ultimately, the depth of the experience your instructors bring to the class, from successfully passing the exam and certifying LEED projects. They not only prepare you for the test with exam tips and recommendations, but also help you to be better prepared to put this information to use in your day-to-day practice.

The 200 practice exam questions included in this workshop have been created by GBS staff who were trained by Prometric®, the LEED Green Associate Exam provider for GBCI. GBS wrote the practice exam questions for the official USGBC LEED Green Associate and LEED AP Specialty Exam Study Guides and have extensive real-world experience working with the LEED rating systems. We are confi­dent that the quality of the practice-exam questions provided in this workshop are of more value to you than a large volume of questions written without this expertise. 

Also included in this program are over 120 flashcards that cover key terms, concepts, and referenced standards that you will need to know for the exam.  Flashcards are an excellent tool to help drive home the content that you will be exposed to during the webinar series.  Use the cards as a complement to the handbook and practice-exam questions.   

LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation provides foundational knowledge in green building and LEED and helps prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam. It clarifies the structure of the new LEED Professional Program and educates you in the subject matter covered by the LEED exam. Participants will complete the webinar series prepared to complete a final, focused study effort prior to sitting for the exam. This webinar series qualifies individuals to take the LEED GA exam. 

Recommended Study Guides.
In addition to the provided materials, participants are encouraged to review the The Green Building Core Concepts Guide and LEED Green Associate Study Guide prior to the class. To order your copies, click here, select Study Guides. To order by phone, call: 1-800-795-1747 "Select option 1 (twice)."

Here's What Past Attendees Had to Say! _________________________________________________     

 "I did not realize the importance of integrating all the pieces into the equation. The information was structured and presented in a way that was easily understood."
— Robert W Proffitt, Ram Mechanical

"The study guides closely followed the audio. The instructors spoke to the group with the realization that we were all at different levels of understanding. They were good at answering questions with this in mind."
— Anna Worman, Washington Township Fire Department

The presentations were very informative. I thought the handouts were helpful -- especially the definitions given. I really liked the quiz questions and would recommend this course to others wanting to take the Green Associate exam.”
— Joanne M Cheok, Ph.D., School of Building Construction

"I enjoyed the course because it provided me with an overall understanding of the Green Associate exam and why one should consider taking it as an owner/facility manager of their company." 
—Mike Dietzen, Kimberly-Clark, Corp.