Loss of Productivity Disputes – New Developments
on an Expensive and Tricky Issue

Tuesday, October 1 , 2013
1:00 – 2:30 PM EDT

Presented by:
Dr. C. William Ibbs, Professor
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of California

 Discover How Loss of Productivity Can Affect Your Bottomline Results

More and more construction claims are including a loss of productivity component these days. But too often the claimed amount is not properly substantiated or presented. Loss of Productivity Disputes - New Developments on an Expensive and Tricky Issue will help you understand what makes for a good productivity claim, its strengths, weaknesses and how to respond.

And loss of productivity is often the reason for other claim elements, such as delay, acceleration and extended overhead. Understanding the loss of productivity claim’s strengths and weaknesses will thus help you evaluate other types of claims as well.  Participants in this seminar will learn the latest technical and legal concepts associated with loss of productivity along with these other critical issues:

  • What is productivity? Why is it important? How should it be measured?
  • What guidelines, methods, and tools are commonly used to measure loss of productivity? When can loss of productivity claims be asserted? What types of documentation should accompany the claim?
  • How do the courts and appeal boards view loss of productivity?
  • What contractual provisions can be used to present and support loss of productivity claims, and which can be used to rebut them?
  • Additional topics related to loss of productivity – scheduling, accounting and false claims – will also be addressed.
  • And much, much more!

In addition, a 10-to-15 minute period has been reserved at the end of the panelist presentation for an interactive question-and-answer session so you can discuss specific issues or gain additional knowledge about topics discussed.

Who Will Benefit?
This webinar is a must for construction owners, contractors, attorneys and other parties interested in loss of productivity (LOP) claims and claims that have a LOP component.


Dr. C. William Ibbs
Dr. Ibbs is a recognized expert on the subject of construction and construction claims, particularly cumulative impact of changes, schedule delay and disruption, and loss of labor productivity. He and the associates of his firm have also worked and testified on other construction-related issues, such as professional standard of care, personal injury, false claims and loss of business value disputes. He has consulted on projects with a total constructed value of $30 billion all over the world, with clients such as Bechtel, Chevron, Obayashi,
the US Navy and various public agencies.

Dr. Ibbs is also professor of civil engineering and leader of the Construction Management program at the University of California at Berkeley. A recognized authority in the area of construction change and change management and he has published more than 180 scholarly papers in this area. Much of that work has been adopted by corporations and government agencies as a corporate standard claims manual. Professor Ibbs earned his B.S. and M.S. degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and his Ph.D. degree from Berkeley, all in civil engineering with a construction management emphasis.

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Loss of Productivity Disputes – New Developments
on an Expensive and Tricky Issue

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