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Use of Project Schedules and the Critical Path Method in Claims

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01/23/18 at 1:00 PM EST



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01/23/18 at 1:00 PM EST



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01/23/18 at 1:00 PM EST



CPM Schedule Review and Analysis
Tuesday, January 23, 2018
1:00 PM EST • 90 Minutes
Presented by:
John Livengood, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting

Slides were great, just wish he had more time to cover them all.

Anonymous Participant
Pearl City, Hawaii

Good that he offers follow-up and some referenced pubs.

Anonymous Participant
Newark, New Jersey

Anyway an excellent one!

Anonymous Participant
Moron, Venezuela

Learn Analysis, Costs and Owner/Contractor Responsibilities in Mitigation of Delays.

Having a good schedule is important; using correct techniques for creating your schedules is equally as important; however even more important is creating and using a schedule that supplies clear information about the project’s progress and provides good information to help you make decisions. A poor schedule can hide from the people managing the project crucial information. Good scheduling includes a rational and feasible sequence of work.

The proof for damages and time recovery of project delays and impact relies almost exclusively on the use of CPM schedules to show both the causes and extent of the delays incurred. Years of case decisions and industry dialogue have resulted in a number of best practices and approaches, both in the use of schedules during the job and for subsequent use in delay-claim support.

Consultant, expert and attorney John Livengood explains the various considerations for use of CPM schedules during the course of a project and in the preparation of a delay analysis.

Attend this webinar to:

  • Understand how a CPM schedule is used on a project and its suitability for delay analysis
  • Identify pitfalls to avoid and other factors in choosing a method
  • Learn about baselines and other steps necessary in preparation for CPM analysis
  • Review considerations of float, early completion and acceleration
  • And much, much more!

Attend this information-packed program to learn various considerations for use of CPM schedules during the course of a project to steer it to success!

 Who Will Benefit?

This webinar is a must if you’re a public or private owner, construction manager, contractor, subcontractor, consultant, architect, engineer or attorney.

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction expert:

John Livengood is a managing director in the Global Construction Practice of Navigant Consulting, Inc. John has more than 37 years of experience in construction, design, delay analysis and litigation support. He is a registered architect and attorney, with proficiency in architectural design, construction, project management, government contracts, litigation support, mediation, arbitration, and construction litigation. His services have included providing construction cost audits, cost estimation, analysis of change orders, delay and disruption claims, acceleration claims, loss of productivity claims, construction method analysis, and defective design claims.

Get your questions answered! A 10-15 minute period has been reserved at the end of the presentation for an interactive question-answer session so you can discuss specific issues or gain additional knowledge about topics discussed.

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