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ConstructionPro Network's
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It is crucial to stay informed and up to date on construction regulations, legal decisions, and best practices.

You can greatly leverage your training budget and attend 20 exclusive live or recorded webinar programs for barely more than the price of attending 2 webinars — see sidebar for the list of upcoming events.

ConstructionPro Network's Training Passport Program provides Webinar passport includes either a live attendance or a download of any program unrestricted access to 6 months of exclusive live and recorded  webinars presented by top consultants, attorneys and construction professionals — all for one low price!

  1. The Training Passport gives you and your team access to more than 20 live webinars from October, 2017 through March, 2018 and the opportunity to ask questions of the speakers from the convenience of your office.
  2. The Training Passport includes downloads along with the live webinar attendance.
  3. The Training Passport includes full access to The Essential Course on Successful Management of Construction Claims & Change Orders, a 12-part online series to be presented by over 24 industry experts that started in September of 2017.
  4. This program provides unrestricted access to the extensive library of over 40 additional recorded webinars available on-demand. A new program is added periodically.
  5. The passport includes an exclusive ConstructionPro Network membership at no extra cost (membership alone is $395 annually).
  6. As an added benefit you will receive an exclusive biweekly newsletter including the Construction Claims Advisor construction court case summaries, and have access to a library of special reports.

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Attend Over 20 Programs for One Low PriceYou will be sent a reminder with login instructions before every live webinar and a download link on a day following the program.

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ConstructionPro Network exclusive webinars and newsletter content cover critical management and contract issues that are crucial for successful execution of your projects, including:

• Construction Claims
• Design-Build
• Contract Law
• Lost Productivity
• GMP Contracts
• Schedule Delay
• Schedule Acceleration
• Green Building
• Scheduling
• Construction Management
• Proving Damages

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*Note: If you are already a member of the ConstructionPro Network, your Training Passport will include a one-year extension to your current membership. Offer excludes exam prep training courses such as LEED Green Associate.

Here is What Past Attendees Had to Say:

It was very informational and well delivered.

Kevin Rogers
KANE Construction

Scott Lowe is one of our best rated presenters. His presentations are engaging & informative.

Anna Motuz
WPL Publishing

Generally good explanations of the various salient points that must be considered, prior to moving to the proper schedule delay methodology.

Drew Ray
Hill International

Fast pace seminar good; information.

Anonymous Participant

I felt good about the overall delivery of the webinar and expertise of the speaker.

John Clark
MWH Global

Good content and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Anonymous Participant

Good seminar with lots of solid information.

Anonymous Participant

Very thorough - well organized; obviously the speaker has extensive experience in what he is talking about.

Peter Whitehead
SMC Concrete Construction Inc.

Webinar Schedule
Attend all events for one low price.

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BIM can allow our business to grow and work better together the more we understand about the usefulness of the data stream. It felt like a good bridge between the architects and the owners.

Nicole Hollenbeck
KSS Architects

Excellent speakers-knowledgeable, experienced, articulate.

Anonymous Participant

I enjoyed the format very much. Great information. Excellent presenters. Very useful in many ways.

Anonymous Participant

Very informative.

Anonymous Participant

The speaker was well versed in what works and what doesn't work for forensic scheduling, something that you learn by hands on experience. I appreciate listening to a lessons learned talk.

Anonymous Participant

Quite good - what I had expected - examples are always great to make the point.

David K Berry, PE
Professional Engineers, Inc.

It was very good.

Anonymous Participant

It was informative and it will help our company know when it should request DSC claims. Also that we need to make sure that our practices are reasonable.

Anonymous Participant