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Acceleration and Mitigation of Project Delays: Analysis, Costs and Owner/Contractor Responsibilities

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01/16/18 at 1:00 PM EST



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01/16/18 at 1:00 PM EST



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01/16/18 at 1:00 PM EST



Acceleration and Mitigation of Project Delays:
Analysis, Costs and Owner/Contractor Responsibilities
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
1:00 – 2:30 PM EST

Learn Analysis, Costs and Owner/Contractor Responsibilities in Mitigation of Delays

The need for acceleration often follows as a result of delays. Similarly, the responsibility for acceleration and its costs will follow suit. But before attention and energy is expended on acceleration, both parties have a duty to mitigate delays.

Attorneys Mike Harris and Chris Burke team up to explain the often-overlooked concept of mitigating delays, which the contractor is obligated to do notwithstanding the causes. The fine line between mitigating and acceleration is explained, along with the various types of acceleration, plus the necessary documentation and proof to support and price an acceleration claim.

This session will help you:

  • Understand what mitigation obligation entails and the treatment of mitigation expenses
  • Learn the three types of acceleration and why they are relevant
  • Discover what a recovery schedule is, how to develop one and its role in the delay-acceleration tandem
  • Evaluate impact costs—stacking, overtime, quality, rework, waste and inefficiency — and know who should pay for the acceleration
  • And much, much more!
 Who Will Benefit?

This webinar is a must if you're a design professional, engineer, architect, owner, contractor, subcontractor or attorney.

Register today to learn do's and don'ts of mitigation of project delays to steer your project to success!

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction experts:

Mike Harris
Warner Construction Consultants, Inc.

Michael J. Harris, PE, Esq., is a licensed professional engineer and attorney with over 30 years of construction industry experience including the last 16 years specializing in construction delay and disruption, loss of efficiency, acceleration and termination disputes. He has prepared detailed master schedules, reviewed technical submittals, developed cost estimates and performed constructability.


Christopher M. Burke, Partner
Varela, Lee, Metz & Guarino, LLP

Christopher is well-versed on the crucial elements of construction disputes, including schedule analysis, lost productivity studies and issues of design interpretation. Chris is particularly knowledgeable regarding claim pricing and damages. Chris is also experienced in the representation of sureties and their unique claims and defenses in construction disputes. Chris has represented clients in state and federal courts and in alternative dispute resolution proceedings, and has considerable experience with international dispute resolution. Over the course of his career, Chris has represented general contractors, construction managers, sureties, and subcontractors through the various stages of dispute resolution, from claim preservation through trial.

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