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LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation

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-- 4 Live webinars at one location: 9/12, 9/19, 9/26 & 10/1
-- Download of all 4 sessions and handouts
-- 1 AIA LUs Reporting
-- 1 Certificate of Completion


09/12/17 at 1:00 PM EDT



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-- 4 Live webinars at one location: 9/12, 9/19, 9/26 & 10/3
-- Download links for all 4 sessions plus handouts
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WPL Publishing Co., Inc., in conjunction with Green Building Services, announces a valuable interactive training program:

Live Online

LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation

Prepare your entire team over the course of one month for the LEED Green Associate exam for one low price!

Session 1 — September 12

Green Building and LEED Overview

Session 2 — September 19

Location & Transportation, Sustainable Sites and Water

Session 3 — September 26

Energy and Energy-Related Indoor and Environmental Quality

Session 4 — October 3

Materials, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Innovation

Job contracts and RFPs increasingly require one or more LEED Professionals on the project team to qualify for work. More and more companies favor job applicants that hold the LEED AP credential over those who do not. The number of green building incentives and requirements across all levels of government is rising dramatically. How will you show your competence and relevance to the rapidly growing green building market?

The LEED Professional credential ("LEED AP") is perhaps the most widely recognized   accreditation to demonstrate proficiency in green building and LEED. Recent improvements to the program create multiple tiers to acknowledge different experience levels and "specialties" that focus on specific project types. There are no eligibility requirements. However, we do recommended that you have exposure to LEED and green building concepts through education, volunteering, or work experience.

Includes Exclusive Bonus Materials

Exclusive Study Guide

200 Practice Exam Questions

120 Flashcard Study Aids

Complete Download of Recorded Sessions


Listen to What Past Attendees Had to Say:

"I did not realize the importance of integrating all the pieces into the equation. The information was structured and presented in a way that was easily understood."

Robert W. Proffitt
Ram Mechanical

"I enjoyed the course because it provided me with an overall understanding of the Green Associate exam and why one should consider taking it as an owner/facility manager of their company."

Mike Dietzen
Facilities Manager
Kimberly-Clark Corp.

"The presentations were very informative. I thought the handouts were helpful — especially the definitions given. I really liked the quiz questions and would recommend this course to others wanting to take the Green Associate exam.”

Joanne M. Cheok
Senior Engineer
Ph.D. Candidate, Univ. of Florida, School of Building Construction

The LEED Green Associate creates an accreditation option for individuals who indirectly support green building and LEED projects (e.g. executives, managers, etc.) but who do not directly apply green building practices and manage LEED certification. The intent of this accreditation is to provide third-party validation of general knowledge of green building practices and LEED and the ability to support green design, construction and operations. The LEED Green Associate exam tests a candidate's general knowledge of green building practices and all of the LEED rating systems, including Building Design & Construction, Interior Design & Construction, Existing Building Operation & Maintenance, and Neighborhood Development and Homes.

Led by experts in LEED training, this 4-part educational webinar series is designed to provide a complete review of the knowledge areas required for success on the exam. It is intended to bridge the gaps between other exam preparation resources, such as USGBC's Green Building & LEED Core Concepts Guide and LEED Green Associate Study Guide, and provide interpretation and enhanced understanding of key information contained in these resources as well as exam tips and preparation recommendations. Ultimately what separates this course from other LEED exam prep classes, is the depth of real-world experience the instructors bring to the class.

Series Overview:

LEED Training Session 1: Green Building and LEED Overview

This first training session provides an introduction to LEED and the LEED Green Associate credential process with a general overview of green building practices and LEED for green design, construction and operations. Blending project experience with LEED exam preparation, you'll gain insight on the LEED credential process in an easy-to-understand method for a positive exam-prep experience. Instruction will consist of a detailed overview of the accreditation process targeting the most relevant areas to sit for the exam with confidence. Click here for areas covered.

LEED Training Session 2: Location & Transportation, Sustainable Sites and Water

This second course of study focuses on taking care of the land to avoid an adverse construction impact during and following project completion. Site location is critical, and a review of considerations should be applied to site selection, urban redevelopment and brownfield development. When selecting a site, an evaluation should also be conducted to assess transportation alternatives, reduce site disturbance and maintain storm-water management. Don't miss this informative session as your instructor reviews these important topics as they relate to the exam. Click here for areas covered.

LEED Training Session 3: Energy and Energy-Related Indoor Environmental Quality

It is critical for your facility to meet energy and atmosphere requirements and to operate as planned within design specifications. You'll want to make sure your building is achieving minimum energy performance, and, if your building is new — eliminate CFC-based (Chlorinated Fluorocarbon) refrigerants in heating ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Your instructors will guide you through the "Energy and Atmosphere" category, critical for the LEED accredited exam, with guidance on how to establish design and energy goals, size buildings appropriately, use free energy, understand insulation techniques, monitor consumption and more. Click here for areas covered.

LEED Training Session 4: Materials, Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) and Innovation

Register for LEED GA Exam Prep Today! This last educational session addresses requirements relative to materials, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and innovation. Participants will gain a clear understanding of specific processes for achieving waste reduction and improved IEQ in all elements of a building.   Click here for areas covered.

Exclusive Bonus Materials:

Exclusive Study Guide
Specially prepared handbook in PDF format is a great study guide which includes detailed photos, charts and examples — more than 300 pages!

200 Practice Exam Questions
The 200 practice exam questions included in this workshop have been created by GBS staff who were trained by Prometric®, the LEED Green Associate Exam provider for the Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).

GBS wrote the practice exam questions for the official USGBC LEED Green Associate and LEED AP Specialty Exam Study Guides and has extensive real-world experience working with the LEED rating systems.

We are confident that the quality of the practice exam questions provided in this workshop are of more value to you than a large volume of questions written without this expertise.

120 Flashcard Study Aids
Also included in this program are over 120 flashcards that cover key terms, concepts, and referenced standards that you will need to know for the exam.

Flashcards are an excellent tool to help drive home the content that you will be exposed to during the webinar series. Use the cards as a complement to the handbook and practice exam questions.

Don't miss out on this fascinating training series from LEED training experts in the field — register today!

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Meet Your Instructors:

Green Building Services

Adam is a creative thinker who marries over seven years’ experience in the field of sustainability with a deep arts background. A recent transplant from Los Angeles, he is committed to the built environment, bringing analytical and creative abilities that allow him to find innovative solutions to challenging sustainability issues. Adam’s work at GBS focuses on the retail sector, managing the LEED process for Nike and Converse direct-to-consumer stores throughout the United States and Canada. A “certification detective” with a global perspective, he takes pride in finding details overlooked by others that could mean the difference between achieving certification — or not.


Beth Shuck, LEED AP BD+C
Senior Consultant
Green Building Services

As a LEED consultant and project manager at GBS, Beth directs the LEED certification efforts for a variety of project types that include institutional, office buildings, higher-education and municipal facilities. Under her direction, project teams work collectively to pursue high-performance design strategies along the most appropriate path relative to their construction budgets and schedules. She facilitates eco-charrettes, provides LEED assessment and consulting, and manages final documentation for submission to GBCI. For complete bio, click here.

Register for Group Training (up to 25 attendees at one location) and get individualized AIA Learning Unit Certificates AND Certificates of Completion.

"The study guides closely followed the audio. The instructors spoke to the group with the realization that we were all at different levels of understanding. They were good at answering questions with this in mind."

Anna Worman
Washington Township
Fire Department


Meet The Program Developer:

Green Building Services, Inc.

This webinar training series has been developed and will be delivered by Green Building Services, Inc. (GBS). A USGBC Education Partner, GBS is recognized throughout the United States as a training leader providing design, construction and property management professionals with insights, information, and analysis on high-performance building practices. GBS has many architecture and engineering professionals on staff with credentials in LEED BD+C, LEED O+M, LEED ID+C, and LEED for Homes and one LEED Fellow. This multidisciplinary staff is experienced, certifying over 500 LEED buildings to date, and are qualified to provide LEED and sustainable building education. GBS Training leverages this breadth and depth of experience from the field to build your organization’s capacity to understand and apply green building.

What Separates this Course from Others?

Ultimately, the depth of the experience your instructors bring to the class, from successfully passing the exam and certifying LEED projects. They not only prepare you for the test with exam tips and recommendations, but also help you to be better prepared to put this information to use in your day-to-day practice.

LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation provides foundational knowledge in green building and LEED and helps prepare for the LEED Green Associate exam. It clarifies the structure of the new LEED Professional Program and educates you in the subject matter covered by the LEED exam. Participants will complete the webinar series prepared to complete a final, focused study effort prior to sitting for the exam.

In addition to the provided materials, participants are encouraged to review The Green Building Core Concepts Guide and LEED Green Associate Study Guide prior to the class. To order by phone, call: 1-800-795-1747 "Select option 1 (twice).

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