Essential Course on Successful Management of Claims & Change Orders

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- ASCE Press "Construction Contract Claims, Changes & Dispute Resolution" 3rd edition book ($100 Retail Price)
- Limited Time Only - 1-Year Subscription to Construction Claims Advisor ($249 Retail Price)

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01/23/18 at 1:00 PM EST



Continues on Tuesday, January 16, 2018 Through March 20, 2018
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Sept. 26

1 PM Eastern



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Here is What Participants Are Saying:

We are finding the trainings very useful, so thank you for all of the effort that it takes to make them happen.

Anonymous Participant
San Diego, CA

Very good — excellent knowledgeable speakers that spoke very well.

Anonymous Participant
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Good content. By its nature it covers a lot of information which makes it a bit hard to retain important points.

Anonymous Participant
Tallahassee, FL

Good Series.

University of Rhode Island

This presentation was very well structured, the hypothetical example helped get into perspective the context of the message. Exponents organized very well their time and exposition content, sending a clear message.

Olga Maria Lugo

So far this has been the best webinar ... and the webinar pace allowed for all the handout material to be addressed - Good Job!

National Park Service

A free hard-cover copy of the new 2016 Construction Contract Claims, Changes & Dispute Resolution - 3rd Edition to be published by ASCE Press is included with the registration. Each chapter is authored by one or more construction experts and/or attorneys; these very same authors are presenting their respective chapters of the webinar series.

Successful construction claims and change-order management is 25% legal, 25% contractual, 25% factual and 25% the personal knowledge and experience of the parties. The Essential Course on Successful Management of Claims and Changes Orders puts you on the path to balancing the many balls required to avoid costly claims, achieve appropriate recovery for changes and delays, and to enjoy successful projects.

Construction Owners, A/Es, Contractors, Construction Managers, Contract Administrators and Owner Representatives should attend this information-packed training program to help them perform their jobs better and:

  • Understand how to identify changes and the importance of notification and documentation 
  • Learn the intricacies of contract interpretation, differing site conditions and impacts on unchanged work
  • Gain an understanding of what causes delay, disruption and impact - what's compensable and what's not
  • Know the fine line between mitigation and compensable acceleration - mitigation of delays is essential
  • Find out how to uncover the root causes of lost productivity and show entitlement and quantification
  • Uncover best practices for pricing claims
  • Learn essential claims presentation and defense techniques, and the importance of the negotiation process
  • Evaluate your options when agreements cannot be reached
  • Identify termination, bonds and liens and insurance and their roles in the claims process
  • Understand the claims and change order process on design-build, GMP and IPD and how they differ from typical design-bid-build

Construction claims and changes are an inevitable process on a construction project, particularly public construction, infrastructure, heavy, healthcare, energy, transportation, civil and industrial projects.

Both owners and contractors are still getting into knots in their approach to managing and controlling claims. Conflicting interests, schedule and budget constraints, the urgency of dealing with day-to-day issues and the varying levels of experience of the project staff leave open many opportunities for adversarial relationships of the contracting parties. Sign up your staff for this comprehensive event to avoid costly mistakes, raise expertise and help them learn new ways to avoid and manage claims. 

Each session is presented by one or more industry experts with decades of construction claims experience. The course schedule includes two sessions a month September, 2017 through March, 2018 with each session beginning at 1:00 PM Eastern and running for 90 minutes. Attendees will receive reminders a few days before each session as well as PDFs of the presentations, so conference room trainings can be comfortably arranged in advance.

Agenda at a Glance

Session 1

Immediate Download

Identification and Notification of Construction Claims — Keys to Success

Learn best practices for overcoming the first obstacles to successful recovery

Session 2

Immediate Download

Differing Site Conditions: The Big Game of Shifting Risk

Learn best practices for proceeding work under differing site conditions to avoid claims and costly disputes

Session 3

Immediate Download

Termination of Contracts and Subcontracts

Learn termination best practices, various considerations before making a decision to terminate as well as other factors to stay out of court

Session 4

Immediate Download

Contract Interpretation: Insight to the Myriad of Causes of Conflict Arising from the Drawings & Specifications

Interpretation of requirements & specifications

Session 5

Immediate Download

Project Delays and Time Extensions

Learn strategies for dealing with construction project delays and time extension requests

Session 6

Immediate Download

Documentation: Best Practices for Identification and Support of Claims

Learn best practices for records and requests paperwork including structure, content and type to avoid and minimize claims

Session 7

Immediate Download

Acceleration and Mitigation of Project Delays: Analysis, Costs and Owner/Contractor Responsibilities

Learn analysis, costs and owner/contractor responsibilities in mitigation of delays

Session 8

January 23

CPM Schedule Review and Analysis: The Method of Choice to Support Delays and Time Extensions

Learn about the use of project schedules and critical path method in claims

Session 9

January 30

Lost Productivity Claims: Identification, Measurement and Recovery

Learn the impact that labor productivity has on claims and change orders

Session 10

February 6

Alternate Project Delivery Claims for Design-Build, GMP and Other Delivery Methods

Learn best practices for dealing with claims for design-build, GMP and other delivery methods

Session 11

February 20

Pricing: Putting the Dollars on the Damages

Learn best practices for preparation, support and pricing of any given claim or change order

Session 12

March 20

Alternate Dispute Resolution: Your Key to Staying Out of Court

Disputes avoidance and resolution are best ways for staying out of court

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